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Machine Tool & Surface Plate Calibration Services

We offer our tool and calibration services with faster response times than out of area providers. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible.

We are keeping Portland OR and SW Washington equipment output accurate and downtime to a minimum. Out of the area — we can help you, too.

Our Process

for the perfectly calibrated CNC machine

CNC Troubleshooting

The first step in our process is to level check with a Mahr-Federal Level System. Level checking identifies if roll or pitch is causing the error. Next, we perform a straightness and squareness test to identify any Yaw error. Lastly, a Renishaw Ballbar identifies if a linear laser test is necessary.


CNC: Using the Renishaw Laser Interferometer System, we calibrate each axis of your CNC for linear accuracy and adjust pitch error / backlash compensation for optimum accuracy.


Customers receive a formal certificate of calibration and error plots of pre- and post-adjustment for each axis.

 Calibration Benefits

Increase Sales

Having your machines calibrated and certified regularly can give you an edge over your competition. Calibration graphs and regular performance evaluations offer proof to your customers that your machines can deliver as promised.

Setup Time is Wasted Time

Why spend valuable time adjusting your program to correct for machine error? Sarkinen Calibrating will adjust your machine’s parameters to reduce or eliminate positional error.

Reduce Scrap

Ensuring that your machine is accurate will reduce the chances of scrapped parts.

Hold Tighter Tolerances

A more accurate machine means improved overall accuracy and quality.

Improve Efficiency

When you know the capability of your machines you can better allocate your jobs, matching machine ability to part requirements.

Less Downtime

Minimize and schedule downtime. By establishing a history, you can confidently match jobs with machine capability.

Validate new machines

Make laser calibration part of your acceptance criteria. Verify that new machines meet promised specifications while still under warranty. New machines often require adjustment following shipping and installation. Identify errors and damage before they become your problem.

Better than 10 to 1

The Renishaw Laser Interferometer system is accurate to 1.0ppm (part per million) or one millionth of an inch per inch, well beyond the 10 to 1 ratio required for proper calibration. Measurements are traceable to NIST and/or International Standards.

Our Investment in Precision & Quality

With proper use of quality equipment, we improve the accuracy of your machines.
Renishaw ML10 Gold Standard

Linear Calibration

Renishaw Laser Interferometer is accurate to 1.0ppm (part per million) or one millionth of an inch per inch, well beyond the 10 to 1 ratio required for proper calibration. Measurements are traceable to NIST and/or International Standards.
Renishaw QC20 with Partial Arc


Renishaw’s QC20-W Ballbar is a great diagnostic tool. It’s the quickest, easiest and most effective way to monitor machine tool condition.
Mahr Federal Level System


Mahr-Federal’s Electronic Level is a very effective way to find pitch and roll errors of machine axis.
Renishaw rx10 with optics

Rotary Axis

Rotary axes are increasingly common on machine tools and their accuracy, which is vitally important to overall machine accuracy, is achieved using a Renishaw Rotary Calibration System.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to calibrate?
At first sign of accuracy issues, especially after a machine crash. Normal routine: Annually or semi-annual depending on intensity of machine usage.
How do you determine and document accuracy?
Accurate parts come from an accurate machine/instrument. Using a Renishaw ML10 Laser system, we check the positioning accuracy of your CNC machine and then adjust parameters to optimize positional accuracy and reduce backlash.
What type of documentation do I receive?
Every calibration includes full documentation of “As Found” and “After Adjust” data, plus a Certificate of Calibration providing traceability. See sample documentation.
Is there a benefit to calibrating a new machine?
Yes, any machine that is moved should be calibrated.
Can you make my machine more accurate?
Yes, first time customers are usually surprised how much error can be removed.

What Customers are Saying

Triad Portland ORProblem: Mike Mills of Triad Speakers Inc. located in Portland OR needed a way to document the accuracy of his older CNC routers to determine if they needed replacing soon.

Solution: I used my Renishaw Ballbar to test each machine and created graphs showing the error of movement.

Outcome: Mike was able to see a graphic representation of the condition of each machine to help decide when to upgrade to new machines.

As plant manager at Triad, I am always looking for ways of testing and measuring the condition of our large machines. Our outside repair tech suggested that I have Sarkinen Calibrating run their Ball Bar Test on all of our machines to show if we had any critical wear issues given that two of our large CNC routers were almost 20 years old.

Larry from Sarkinen Calibrating came out and spent the day testing three of our machines. I was very happy with what he was able to show me. All three machines are in great shape, which not only validates our service practices but also helps me plan for the future of these machines.

I believe there is great value in Larry’s service and I look forward to having him assist us at Triad Speakers in the future.

Mike Mills

Facilities Manager, Triad Speakers Inc

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